Zero Carbon Supply Chains Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Meaghan Siemensma
please send your questions, after Glen's presentation, the three speakers will answer questions
Thomas @ As We Are
Great initiative, just landed in the postbox today, our shire’s MP proudly sharing that building a shared cycling and walking trail will be funded and helps people get back to work. So politically also a very good idea.
Rakesh’s iPhone
Hi Glen, great technology and definitely there’s plenty of opportunity ahead for Sea Electric.Noticed that a lot of trucks/vans are converted, so what happens with replaced engine?
Rakesh’s iPhone
And also how does the warranty work for brand new vehicles given that the system is changed which makes the factory warranty void.
mick nolan
Hi Glen,
mick nolan
Hi Glen, what is the main resistance by fleet buyers ? is it cost or range anxiety, or recharge infrastructure ?
Jasper Verschuure - NCCA
Hi Glen - is SEA offering a program that promotes circularity from a battery perspective - i.e. are you able to take batteries back to make it a 100% green solution and minimize the impact on environment even further?
Jasper Verschuure - NCCA
Hi Heidi - I am looking forward for the "Million jobs plan" to come out on Monday. What do you think the chances are that our current federal government will listen and invest in a green, job creating future of Australia given the current bias towards a fossil fuel recommended recovery and how can we get better influence in government to allow for meaningful action to take place as quickly as possible?